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Research is the systematic collection of data which is then used to evaluate how accurate the model idea is when compared with the real world — in this case the real world being the characteristics of the River Lyn.

The following video of the River Kissimmee in Florida shows an excellent animation of floodplain inundation. Intermittently, the rivers discharge will exceed the capacity of the river channel and overflow the river banks. V-shaped valleys and interlocking spurs of varying scale can be sen in the photos below.

Here, the flow is forced down the outer bank which results in the scouring of the bank and bed. On a practical level the river was accessible throughout its course, permitting the use of stratified sampling to select sites only a short walk from the road in the upper, middle and lower courses.

Using more precise measuring equipment would also eliminate human error. The ability of these rivers to cutback will vary depending on the geology around them and velocity and discharge of the flow.

Some rivers like the Amazon have seasonal flloods, which totally submerge the floodplain creating stunning wetland ecosytems with unique flora and fauna. If this process acted in isolation the channel would take on a very acute, steep v-shape form.

The river Harbourne exhibits characteristics of a typical river, as an upland river with its source high on Dartmoor m above sea level with high annual rainfall mm. Evident when collecting data at Harbourtonford where variables such as velocity were uncharacteristically low 0.

River processes

The helical flow continues to erode the outside of the bend and deepens the pool. Therefore there is less friction to reduce velocity.

How to Structure an A Level Geography Coursework

California Rivers and Streams Source: The investigation helped me to understand the general nature of the Bradshaw model as it a suitable comparison of most characteristic rivers. The course has three main parts: Meanders Meanders are sweeping loops or bends in the middle and lower course of the river caused by rivers developing increased sinuosity downstream.

The river channel gets deeper and wider as the bed and banks are eroded. Riffle cross-profiles develop between the loops on the straight sections.

As water flows over still standing bedload on river bed it is forced over the obstacle and to eddie behind the rock downstream. We summarised our aims in hypotheses such as that velocity and cross sectional area would increase downstream and bed load size would decrease.

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Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games, matching, quizes, and tests. Rural Environment Physical Geography Study: Danby. model, which describes how a river's characteristics vary between the upper course and lower course of a river.

As the river flows from source to mouth: 1. The cross-section area gets wider This supports point 3 of the Bradshaw Model, ‘stone size decreases’ and point 9 ‘stone. Alternative to coursework Geography Rivers. For Later. save. Related. Info.

Embed. Share. Print. Search. Related titles. Bradshaw model Discharge Discharge is the volume of flow of water per unit time, often measured in cubic meters per second (or cumecs). (rivers coursework geography GCSE marks full A* happen to expected is what you tells it that way the in generalised is model Bradshaw’s.

Coursework: Geography GCSE moving decrease to expected is gradient river's the model Bradshaw the to According coursework study river Geography.

The Bradshaw Model suggests that certain changes occur along the long profile of a typical river. For example, discharge increases as you move downstream of a river or bedload (material on the river bed) particle size decreases along the river channel.

Edexcel GCSE Geography Controlled Assessment Exemplar 2. Do changes in velocity downstream match the expectations of the Bradshaw model? 3. What are the reasons for the change in velocity with progression downstream? Location and background research Edexcel GCSE Geography Controlled Assessment Exemplar

Geography coursework bradshaw model
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